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About First People's Filmworks

First People's Filmworks, founded by Shane Weeks of the Shinnecock Nation and Ephraim Horowitz, is dedicated to exposing the histories, culture and experiences of indigenous Long Island, New York through multidisciplinary media.

As the very first production team devoted to this cause we have made it our duty to bring the forgotten stories of the first people of these lands to life. We actively engage witht the local indigenous communities of Long Island to put forth an accurate and intriguing view of indigenous history.

About The Founders


Shane Weeks is a filmmaker, author, historian, teacher and Tribal leader. He is dedicated to telling the stories and history of his people. Learn more about Shane through his personal website below.


Ephraim Horowitz is a filmmaker and founder of the 1523 Project, a 501 (c)3 non-profit scientific association focused on mapping the ancient landscape of eastern Long Island.

Shane's Website Here!

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